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Do Web Developers Use Elementor Now?

So in short answer, yes.

I can tell you our clients love Elementor because it’s simple to learn and very easy to use. Using drag-and-drop techniques, you can update content without compromising on functionality.

Clients have mentioned in the past how time-consuming a lot of tasks are around their “technical” department. We tell them, “ditch the old custom coded site and go with WordPress + Elementor!”

Elementor = Wix/Weebly/Squarespace + WordPress Plugin Library :)

So I know what you’re thinking, “if it’s as easy as drag-and-drop, I can do it.” It’s not that simple, let me explain why.

It’s not just plopping content into “pre-made” templates, and here’s why. A client’s needs are too complex. Take it from a designer’s perspective; when you start adjusting headers, body text, titles, images, and adapt them to new understandings, it really takes a lot of time.

We’ve found a lot more efficient route. Build from scratch! It makes complete sense with what the themes WordPress offers you from the beginning. Clients, typically like to give their primary colors prior to design, we base the background and layout around those colors, we do our design process, and then we meet with clients along the design process to adjust if necessary.

Custom coded websites are great and all, but when you need the simplest change, it is a struggle when the client doesn’t have their own tech team to get it done right away. We should all start getting used to “no-code” websites as tons of today’s most popular apps are being developed in the same fashion.